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We know that there is strength in numbers. When you join IBEW Local 64, you will be securing competitive wages, solid benefits, and safer job sites.

Discover the many advantages of joining IBEW Local 64

Excellent Wages & Benefits

Highest wages in the Industry with regular raises and top-notch benefits negotiated by the Union

Ongoing Training

From skills building to leadership training, you’ll have many opportunities for continuing education

Jobsite Representation

As a group, we are strong. The Union’s got your back on the job, with regular visits and calls from your representatives

Best Safety Record

We partner with the developers and contractors to create the best, safest job sites in the world for our members


For those new to the industry, you can earn while you learn on your way to a satisfying career

Union Discounts & Scholarships

IBEW members are eligible for employee discounts, special pricing, and perks on many products and services used every day.

ways to join the ibew

Looking to become a IBEW apprentice

I’m new to the trade and want to join the IBEW apprenticeship

You are interested in starting your career as an electrician, and have decided the IBEW is the place for you! We guarantee you won’t regret it. Here’s a step by step guide on how to apply.

1. Start with finding out requirements, gathering your documents and submitting an application. You can find all necessary information and apply on Youngstown Area Electrical J.A.T.C. website . Applications are accepted all year, but apprenticeship classes generally start in the fall. Depending on the time of application the process may take from 6 months to 1 year to be completed.

2. Prepare for your aptitude test. The test is administered at the YJATC location and takes approximately two-and-a-half hours to complete. It consists of two parts: Math and Reading Comprehension. A short break is given in-between. Approximately two weeks from the test date, the training center will receive your score results. Applicants receiving a score of at least 4 (out of a possible 9) will be advanced to the next step of the application process, a personal interview with the JATC Committee.

3. Personal interview. Congratulations! You’ve passed the aptitude test and have been selected for an interview! This is your last hurdle before officially starting your next career. Get ready to demonstrate that you understand what you’re getting yourself into, that you are physically competent to do a hands on job, can remain calm in an emergency situation, and that you can work well in a tense environment. These are all key to success in the electrical trade.

4. Await your answer! After the interview, the YJATC will be in contact with you about your score. The timeline for when you will hear back can vary depending on the order you interviewed in.

Already have electrical experience

Myths About Union Membership

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the IBEW. The keys to discerning fact from fiction are information and education. If you educate and inform yourself about what a union has to offer, you will be able to see through the fog of myth. Let us address some of the common misconceptions. Please do not hesitate to contact IBEW Local 64 regarding any questions, concerns or other union-related issues.


TRUTH - You run the union. The union is not “outsiders,” it is you, the worker.

  • You Elect your own Local Union Officers
  • You Run your own Local Affairs
  • You Have your own Negotiating Committee
  • You Make the Decisions on your own Contract
  • You Have your own Shop Stewards
  • You Decide important policies and actions
  • You Elect your International Union Officers
  • You Elect your own Delegates to the International Conventions
  • You -The Membership- are the final voice of authority and decision
  • You Are the Real Union Boss

Our union exists for one and only one major reason – the good of our members. Our union, the IBEW, accomplishes as a Brotherhood what  cannot be accomplished as individuals.

MYTH - Union electricians travel all the time to work

IBEW Local unions have geographical “jurisdiction” for which they are responsible. IBEW Local 64’s “jurisdiction” is in Mahoning county, and parts of Columbiana and Trumbull counties, Ohio.

If we hit a slowdown in this area, you as an IBEW member have the opportunity to go to work in other IBEW Local unions that need manpower. When you do you receive the wage and benefit package applicable in that Local Union. IBEW referral systems refer Local members first, then “travelers”. A traveler is a member from ANY other local union. Travelling is not a common occurrence but if work is slow locally you can seek work in other local unions who are busy.

Again, the advantage of being an IBEW member is you have access to hundreds of contractors for work. If the company you are working for slows, you now have options and don’t have to start at the bottom again with a new contractor.

If is true that there is a high unemployment rate in the Union?

The economy drives the percentage of unemployed workers fairly equally. When work is slow, work is slow for everyone, Union and non-union.

The truth is that IBEW electricians are laid off no more often than any other workers in our industry.

Unlike non-union workers, being an IBEW electrician, you no longer only rely on one contractor; you have the option of working for literally dozens of contractors in the area at the same wages and benefits with each one.

If a journeyman becomes unemployed due to lack of work or he quits a contractor to seek another type of job with another contractor he signs our “out of work” list. When our contractors need manpower, they call IBEW Local 64, and we refer our electricians in order from the “out of work” list. They start with a new contractor at the SAME hourly rate and benefit package!!


TRUTH - Nothing could be farther from the truth. Our signatory contractors are our partners. We work very closely every day with our contractors to make them as successful and profitable as possible. The more successful they are the better wages and benefits we can negotiate.

It’s a true partnership. We negotiate a fair, competitive agreement that sets out the rules for both parties fairly. We can only negotiate good wages and benefits if we are productive, efficient, and professional.


Unions are not for profit organizations. A local union needs funds to operate just like any other organization. We fund our local by paying union dues. These funds are established by the membership at a union meeting by majority vote. We ALL pay these dues and obviously want to keep them as low as possible. In IBEW Local 64 each member has a voice and a vote. Everything done is approved by the body. IBEW Local 64 has always been and will continue to be fiscally responsible.

Money that workers pay in dues goes back into running the organization. The improvements workers win in pay, benefits and fair treatment through the union are far greater than the cost of dues.

Our members happily pay the small amount in dues to receive the pay and benefits they deserve and to have representation in all working condition situations.

Wages and Benefits Comparison

Wondering how your wages/benefits compare to the IBEW wages/benefits in your area? In just a few minutes our wage/benefit comparison calculator will tell you what the difference would be with the IBEW. We're hoping this information will help clarify a few things. Let's get started!

Joining IBEW LOCAL 64 Is A Great Career Move

Live better, work better, work union

IBEW is a family, joined together by a common purpose. When we refer to each other as “brothers” and “sisters”, this has real meaning for us— these iconic terms have deep roots in our history. Choose to join the IBEW, and give yourself the opportunity to improve the quality of your life.